Pastel Pink

Bread Baking Machine

  • Removable Automatic-tray for additional Ingredients: Easy-to-add ingredients like raisins and nuts. You do not need to wait for an alert tone to add extra ingredients to the dough by your hands. Simply put the extra ingredients in the Auto-Dispenser before starting the baking process. The ingredients are added automatically during the kneading process.
  • Colorful Recipe book with 50 Recipes; instructional DVD
  • Basic Bread courses: Regular, Firm, Soft, Quick Baking, bread with Cooked rice, Rice flour, wheat flour (using Natural Yeast)
  • Home Made Course: Knead, rise and baking time can be adjusted to make your own genuine tasty bread
  • 5 Dough courses: Bread/Pizza, Noodles, Pasta, Dumpling wrappers, Cookies.
  • 2 sweets courses: Cake and Jam
  • Compact built with strong handle for easy carry and handling.
  • Can prepare up to 500 gram of bread/cake. Ideal for small house hold daily enjoy without wastage.
  • Programmable timer can be set up to 13 hours in advance.
  • Wide LCD control panel offers simple, one-touch controls.
  • Viewing window allow you to see the process of the baking.
  • Quick baking course that make bread in 2.5 hours.
  • Crust control program for choose standard crust or light crust.
Model No. BB-KWQ10
Capacity (liters) 500G
Weight (Net) 5.8KG
Measurement (m3) 0.067
Voltage (V) 220 - 230
Replacement Liner -